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HBS Case SolutionFurther evidence of this surfaced in June when case study answer worlds most appropriate vessel operators introduced case study solution introduction of emergency bunker surcharges in accordance with rising fuel costs. As a throwback to bygone days of cartel action, this tactic was done in unison, inserting higher costs on current bunker surcharges. Chris Welsh, case study solution current secretary ordinary of case study solution Global Shippers Forum GSF, believes that here is a shortsighted solution at best. GSF is adamant that few transport operators in other sectors would risk imposing emergency surcharges as a result of case study answer likely strong response from shippers, including case study answer lack of company, he recently stated in his feedback introduced at case study solution GSF Annual Meeting in Melbourne, Australia. Welsh said that container ship operators need to take duty and bigger control in their costs as opposed to announcing vaguely defined sudden unrecoverable surcharges. The imposition of emergency surcharges has no place in a modern liner transport market where costs and prices may be jointly agreed upon between shippers and suppliers. At case study answer end of 2002, case study solution executive owed $4. 5 billion to its foreign creditors, with $1. 6 billion of this amount owed to other governments and most of case study solution balance owed to multilateral development banks. Most payments to other governments were rescheduled on several events since 1987 through case study answer Paris Club mechanism. External collectors were inclined to try this as a result of case study answer Bolivian Government has generally accomplished case study answer economic goals set by International Monetary Fund courses since 1987, though economic complications in recent years have undercut Bolivia’s continually good track record. Rescheduling agreements granted by case study solution Paris Club have allowed case study answer individual creditor nations to use very soft terms to case study solution rescheduled debt.